Dear Reddit community,
today I read the news that the new "anti toxic people defense system" (ATPDS) has been taken off its tutorial and now plays with the big guys.

Sadly, I fear to tell you, there is either a huge flaw in the ATPDS or a Riot Support dude (or dudine) has gone rogue. Either way, here's the story:

Patch 5.14. The night before Patchday, a few hours until servers go down. A group of 5 player decide to play some 5v5 team rankeds. The games were hard but won. "yaaay, another gold 3 team we can delete" did I say with a bored voice. And only a few seconds later, the team "we h8 kench" was gone.
"Meh, I'm tired. I'll call it a night" while the other teammembers were already creating another game.

But enough of Prolouge. Now shit is getting real (for real). Apparently they played a normal game and had some fun.

Nidalee did a play, and Azir commented - something that premades/ people in general do, from time to time. They had a good time, Lulu even said it was the funniest game he had all week. The game was going in favour of the red team, but they decided to have fun; to "troll" as some people would say. And with "troll" I don't mean feeding the enemy on purpose or selling the whole equip for 6x tear. No, just some friendly poking, like stealing each others blue buff, using flash by *caugh* accident and other stuff. I'm pretty sure the vast majority of you have done similar things.
As the time progressed, so did the game. And since it was a normal, they had nothing to fear unless a loose in a match history. And it came as it had to do: they lost the game.

But here comes the big deal: Azir's account got permanently suspended. It was his first time receiving a chat-related ban. Sure, there have been chat restrictions, but seeing people with 500 or even 2000 chat restrictions, I would call his 75 games a peccadillo. Anyway, right after the game he got an email with the following content:

And now, after reading this, remind yourself: They are FRIENDS. They knew each other! What would your decision be? In all honesty: If you would give this case a permaban, I would never want to play with you. But back to the topic: If I would have to fear a permaban, just because I mock a friend for a missed spear or something like that... I don't want to even think about that.
League of Legends is about >FUN< and thus expressing your joy to others. They have been laughing all game long.
Imagine the following scenario: Bard penta + baron steal - all you see is "gj" in chat since everyone is afraid of bans. Good job, ATPDS! I mean, FUCK NO! Of course the game goes "Twitch plays LoL Chat" for a couple of seconds.

Conclusion: I refuse to believe this is worthy of a perma ban. Since he received previous restriction, I would understand a 24 hour ban. But even in this case, it's highly questionable since they were 5 premades and just mocking each other. No hate-speech, no death wish, no french (jk). I think it's rather obvious, that either the ATPDS has huge flaws or (my personal favourite) a person that works for the Riot Support was in the enemy team and got mad at him.
Either way, i, in behalf of Azir, pledge NOT GUILTY!

Game for reference:

TL;DR: person played normal 5premade, had fun, said "report" in teamchat (keep your sarcasm detectors close) and got perma'd for it.