Greetings everyone!

I really appreciate this game for what it is.
Dropzone is such a welcoming refreshment from the existing titles and it's exciting to have "fun" again :3

Though, I have played Mobas for about 10 years now, beginning with the WC3 Mod, I do not want to talk about the balance of the game, since im a god damn newbie, but more of the UI and design choices.
Just some aspects that came to attention when being in Queue, ingame and idling in the main menu.

Let's start with:

Main menu

When starting the game, the player is welcomed with his daily 'quests' and the overall hub. You can open your friendlist and the global chat window. But when doing so, I have no clue why they both overlap each other.
When you are in a party this persists, since only one frame can be open at the same time. Why can't I watch the global chat and party chat at the same time?
*insert Picture here* The chat feature is another aspect I want to get into. Currently I cannot chat with friends while in game (as far as I know - if there is an ingame whisper command, sorry) and if I want to check two different Dropzone Chats I have to click the gearwheel, select the preferred Chatroom and then back to the English one. My request here is to introduce Chat-Tabs.
Just like with the global chat and party chat, we could at least watch multiple regional chats at once, since it glows when another post has been made.
Additionally, clickable html links would be great for a number of reasons. Many might say "ouuuh scam, evil stuff etc." - Well, then disable links in the global chats but enable them for friend-chat. Since there is no steam friendlist, we currently have no way to share screenshots, por... youtube videos or even dropzone related content. (e.g. alienware giveaway *hint hint*
Also most other game show a hint / warning that you're about to click a link, if that's not enough...

Another small point I want to make is the online indicator for your friendlist. I would be happy to have some AFK indicator (manually or automacitly, e.g. after being idle for ~10 minutes)

//<----TODO: Write Text---> //

Moving onwards to the...

Options menu

Audio -
Ping volume slider would be nice

Hotkeys -
Option to modify the quickpings

Difference between "Cancel current orders (S), Hold position (H), Stop Rig (J)?

What are Control group 5-12 ? In MY (!!) opinion it looks kinda unfinished or even copied. If there is no use for it, make it invisible :>

Gameplay -
Regions - the gearwheel icon is not linked (you have to click on the text)

Account window

Portraits -
Ability to see unlocked portraits

Overview -
A bit more details, how many ranked / unrankeds; 1v1, 3v3 etc.; highest wave in infestation

Speaking of Account profiles, is there a possiblity we can view others (or restricted to our friends) profiles? Yes, im a stat-whore :(

Blueprints / Gear-slots

Please let us see which ones we have unlocked already, and which we have craft // Make it Noobie-friendly
Crates: Show the contents in the selection when purchasing them. It is currently only available when clicking "Buy Gear Crates" from the Builder, but not the shop itself


Please add the Attack-Range to the stat-window. Was reading the forums & feedback about some Pilots, especially Fury. Going in the first game with her and ... well, her low attack range kinda putt me off a bit.
Adding to that: Would it be possible to "Test Squad" with Pilots / Gear we do not own? No clue how much effort it would take to include that, also it only affects newer players since you can unlock all contents fairly quickly, but it's still something that would be nice :)

Please, do not read this as an angry guy who is about to uninstall because of these things. Once again, I'm having a great time, meeting awesome people ingame and overall having a blast in Dropzone!
These are just some points _ I _ would change / add if I had the ability and the knowledge for. Don't worry, I'm just a player, like all of you (devs excluded 'cause they actually have the ability to change stuff^^), and we all have different opinions.
Also, I do know that most of these probably are so low in the priority-queue that they'll never be spoken about. NP - I still love all of ya =3